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Lamoille North Supervisory Union PK Returning Students 2023-24

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Registering your child on this form does not guarantee them a spot in one of the LNSU school based classrooms. You must attend a screening at your local school.

Do not use this form. This form is only for current PreK students who will be returning next year.

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Act 166: Universal Prekindergarten Tuition Request Form 2022-2023 School Year

Winooski Valley Superintendents Association (WVSA) Universal Preschool Region

Barre Unified Union School DistrictCentral Vermont Supervisory Union
Harwood Unified Union School DistrictLamoille South Unified Union
Lamoille North Supervisory UnionMontpelier Roxbury School District
Orange Southwest School DistrictOrleans Southwest Supervisory Union
Washington Central Unified Union SchoolWhite River Valley Supervisory Union

To be eligible for Universal Preschool/Act 166 funding children must be 3, 4, or 5 years of age on or before September 1st. The child may remain enrolled at their early education center at age 6; however, access to Act 166 Tuition will stop on the child’s birthday. Children enrolled in Act 166 may not also be enrolled in Kindergarten.

The WVSA region has entered partnerships with many community early childhood programs. To participate in Universal Preschool/Act 166 an early childhood program must be prequalified by the Agency of Education (AOE). If your child’s early childhood program is not yet qualified, encourage them to reach out to the early education team at the Agency of Education. If your child is attending both a public school and a community program the funding is applied to the public school location.

You are required to complete the registration process with your school district. Under the criteria that an early childhood program must meet, as verified by the AOE, programs must:

● Be in compliance with Child Development Division Licensing Regulations.

● Participate in the State’s Step Ahead Recognition System at state determined level* currently under redesign

● Use Vermont’s Early Learning Standards (VELS) to plan curriculum

● Employ or contract with an AOE licensed teacher with either an Early Childhood or Early Childhood Special Education endorsement

● Assess and monitor PreK student progress using the online Assessment System Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG).

● Provide parents or guardians and AOE with a report of a child’s developmental progress at least twice per year and offer parents/guardians two opportunities per year to meet with the teacher

● Operate a minimum of 10 hours per week and 35 weeks during the academic year

● Adhere to all applicable federal and state laws.

● For children receiving early childhood special education services who are enrolled in the prekindergarten program, allow access to early childhood special education service providers:

● Assure to adhere to and report child incident data on restraint and seclusion requirements

● Adhere to and report child incident data on suspension and expulsion requirements

● Accept and educate students without discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, disability, economic status, religion, or parental marital status. ● Accept and educate students without discrimination based on toilet learning. ● Assure to permit on-site visits announced and unannounced, representatives from the Agency of Education, the Department for Children and Families, and partner School District Staff

Type in the name of the desired school or program above.
This includes proof of residency and proof of age. Schools will provide up to $3,764 per school year to one pre-qualified pre-kindergarten provider if the child’s registration is complete before the start of the school year. I understand that my child’s tuition will be prorated based on the date that I fully complete registration and/or update the information if my child was enrolled last year. (10 hours per week for 35 weeks).​​
I understand it is my responsibility to notify the Supervisory Union/Supervisory District if we move or if my child stops attending pre-kindergarten or changes programs.​

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