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Lamoille North Creativity Challenge


An Invitation to Share Your Creativity

Join us for a new initiative meant to bring the Lamoille North school community, our families, and community members together.

We all bring something unique to the table, our individuality and experiences lead to different perspectives and ideas.  It is those differences that strengthen and broaden the scope of Lamoille North.

This new Creativity Challenge is a districtwide activity aimed at engaging our students, teachers, and staff, as well as our families and community members across our six communities.  This is a chance to showcase your creativity related to the theme listed below.  What does that word mean to you?  How do you, or how could you, bring that theme to life?

In its simplest form, creativity is the ability to make or bring into existence something new.  Art, food, music, media - your creativity is only beholden to the walls of your mind.

Think outside the box and show us what you’ve got!  Read the prompts below to learn how you can participate, the timeline, and how to submit your creation.