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LNSU will work to create a school community in which differences are celebrated and honored.

Lamoille North will meet this goal by educating our administrators, teachers, and support staff through professional development.  We will utilize restorative practices to work through difficult situations, and will seek opportunities to introduce our students to new experiences and perspectives.  Our students will have the space to feel their emotions and discuss them.

A school that provides strong emotional and psychological support to its students is one that has students who feel valued, cared for, included, seen, heard, and safe.

These strategies will help us prepare our students for success in an ever-increasing world of diversity and self-exploration.  When our young people are given space to be themselves, we all succeed.

Our strategies do and will include:

  • Engaging student voices
  • Enacting a district equity roadmap
  • Creating a standing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Panel


The Cambridge Elementary Rainbow Alliance.  This student-driven group works to uplift LGBTQIA+ perspectives and voices.