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Plastic Wrap

MATERIAL FACTS: Film plastic or plastic film.....even with the single-use plastic ban that went into effect on July 1 of this year, plastic film is incredibly abundant in our daily lives. According to, "Plastic film is, technically speaking, any plastic less than 10-mm thick. It's usually made from polyethylene resin. Examples include zip-top bags, grocery bags, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap." Read the entire article for more interesting details about plastic film:
While this stretchy plastic IS recyclable – it CANNOT go in the blue bin with all of the other acceptable recyclable items like glass bottles & jars, paper, metal, cardboard and plastic bottles & tubs. Fortunately, there are several local options where you can drop-off your plastic film to be recycled. Check the in front of the supermarkets for barrels or bring it to the LRSWMD where we accept a wide variety of plastic film.

With your diligence, in the last 3 years, we have kept 11 tons of film out of the landfill and off to be made into plastic lumber! This short video will show you what is accepted and what isn't and also what happens to the film we collect: Thank you for providing this material to help close the loop on our recycling system.

District PATH to Wellness Team

LNSU Central Office
Michele Aumand - Wellness Champion/Wellness Leader

Cambridge Elementary School
Laura Edgerton - Wellness Leader
Vicki Pinault - Wellness Leader

Eden Central School
Sara Preston - Wellness Leader
Deb Tague - Wellness Leader

Hyde Park Elementary School
Devon DaPaolo - Wellness Leader
Rose Baraw - Wellness Leader

Johnson Elementary School
Glo Breisach - Wellness Leader
Jill Dennis - Wellness Leader

Waterville Elementary School
Alyssa Fuller - Wellness Leader

Lamoille Union Middle School
Lynda Young - Wellness Leader
Hillary Bliss - Wellness Leader

Lamoille Union High School
Juanita Forant - Wellness Leader
Linda Audy - Wellness Leader

Karen Collier - Wellness Leader