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LNSU Teachers Recognized at 2022 Outstanding Educators Ceremony

LNSU Teachers Recognized at 2022 Outstanding Educators Ceremony

"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher." - Japanese proverb.

Caring and creative teachers are one of the most important cogs in the engine that is the Lamoille North School District.  Teachers are agents of change, working to educate young people, introducing them to the world at large, and helping students understand who they are, and who they want to be.  Great teachers are made up of special stuff – fairness, accessibility, empathy, curiosity, energy, and communication – just to name a few.

Lamoille North is made better by the dedication of our teachers and staff.

On November 9th, 2022, a few of our many talented teachers were recognized at the 42nd Annual Outstanding Educators ceremony.  The event is hosted by the University of Vermont’s College of Education and Social Services, the Vermont Agency of Education, the Vermont NEA, and supervisory unions and school districts from across the state.

The evening event was an opportunity to gather amongst educational peers and appreciate the effort to enhance Lamoille North and school communities across the Green Mountain State.

Those recognized from LNSU include:

Roy Hutchins
Waterville Elementary School

Roy Hutchins









Roy has worked at Waterville Elementary School for many years in many capacities. When Waterville needed an additional math teacher, he took it upon himself to get his endorsement so he could fill that role. Hutchins also coordinates many of Waterville’s carnivals and activities and arranges the school’s winter sports program. He is a team player and is dedicated to his school and community, easily felt and seen through his many years of service. 

Waterville Elementary School Principal Jan Epstein had this to say, “Roy has been a dedicated member of the Waterville Elementary School community for 19 years. He has been an amazing and inventive PE and math teacher.  He has worn many hats here and has always been willing to help out. Roy has established wonderful relationships with students and staff and is a very dedicated and talented educator. We are very lucky to have him here at Waterville Elementary School.”

Danielle Peveril
Lamoille Union Middle School








Danielle Peveril's mathematics classroom comes with a good-sized helping of theater performance and a dash of classic rock to help students understand the foundational concepts of middle school mathematics. Using art to cement graphing and geometry basics and plant growth for data documentation and slope, are all part of an average day in Mrs. Peveril's class. She builds structure and differentiation to help support all learners and advocates for programs that increase inclusion for all.

“When I joined the world of education, I knew I wanted to be the kind of teacher I needed but didn’t have as a young person,” explains Peveril.  “Each one of our students has so much untapped potential.  I love getting to be a part of helping them realize they can do so much more than they think.”

Samuel Rowley
Green Mountain Technology & Career Center








Sam Rowley serves as the instructor of the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems program at Green Mountain Tech, which is a working farm in Jeffersonville Vermont. On the farm, Sam teaches his students to be caring and thoughtful stewards of the land, while providing them with the skills and knowledge to be successful in college, career, and in life. His passion for sustainable farming practices is only rivaled by his passion for teaching and mentoring his students. His students thrive as a result.

“Sam, Danielle, and Roy, are so knowledgeable and care so much about our students.  The qualities and dedication of these three individuals are reflected across our entire group of teachers and support staff at LNSU,” said Lamoille North Superintendent Catherine Gallagher.  “Today, teaching is so much more than content and lesson plans, quality teachers inspire, motivate, and encourage self-love and confidence.”

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