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Lamoille North FY25 Town Meeting Day Message

Lamoille North FY25 Town Meeting Day Message

Dear Lamoille North Community,

We extend a heartfelt thank you for your overall support of Lamoille North schools.

Town Meeting Day voting brought mixed results on our FY25 Lamoille North budgets.

Our Lamoille North Modified Unified Union School District Elementary budget did not pass by 37 votes.

All other budgets passed, specifically to include Cambridge School District, the LNMUUSD Secondary budget (Middle School & High School), and Green Mountain Technology & Career Center FY25 budget.

We understand the challenges and economic pressures Vermonters are feeling in Lamoille County and across the state. Our Lamoille North School Board members and school district leaders will review and refine the one budget that did not pass without compromising the programming and supports our students need in the coming year. 

While we believe our FY25 budgets are responsible and respond to the needs of our students, we acknowledge the many factors outside of our school budgets that are at play.

Vermont cannot be a vibrant and resilient community without a public education system.

In an environment where societal needs are growing, and the capacity of our public systems is diminishing, schools are expanding services to meet more and more needs of students and families. As a result, costs are mounting. 

Furthermore, as Vermont contends with inflation, a severely aging school infrastructure, the high cost of housing, workforce challenges, and more, our state leaders need to reconfigure the funding of our education system so that all costs do not fall on Vermont taxpayers. 

We will continue to support, empower, and uplift our students across the school district while respecting the capacities of our taxpayers. Again, we thank you for your support. 

Very truly yours,

Mark Nielsen
Board Chair, LNMMUSD

Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools, LNSU

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